Ways On How To Keep Your Safety Glasses In Good Condition

20/06/2012 10:57

safety glassesSafety glasses are very important, especially if you are working in an environment where a safety precaution needs to be observed. If you are among those who are working in a plant, a factory, or working in any job that entails using of safety glasses, then it is important that you keep your safety glasses in good condition.

Here are the few steps in making your safety glasses clean and in good condition.

1. Handling and storage. Handle carefully and store your safety glasses in its appropriate case. To prevent eye problems such as irritations and infections, make sure that you keep your safety glasses scratch and dirt free. Consider having an eyewear chain or retention strap for your safety glasses rather than placing it anywhere once removed.

Place your safety glasses in a safe and appropriate storage, such as in dry and protected place, an example would be an eyeglass case. an affordable alternative for eyeglass cases would be clean socks. Insert6ing your safety glasses in a sock prevent your glasses from dirt and scratches.


2. Cleaning. Make sure that you clean and maintain your glasses in its good condition periodically by constantly checking it for dirt, dust, and scratches. Safety glasses with scratches or dirt eventually causes eyestrain and headache.

Among the things that you can use when cleaning your safety glasses are moistened towels that are individually wrapped. You can also use cleaning solutions that has an anti-fog and anti-static effect, or a normal soap and water will do. When cleaning your safety glasses don’t press too hard to prevent scratches and cracks, instead apply mild and enough pressure when cleaning and wiping your glasses.


3. Replacement. No matter how you take care of your safety glasses, it is inevitable that it will be scratched or broken. Once it is broken or has scratches, replace it immediately. Having new safety glasses prevents you from having eyestrain and also prevents you from any debris and other substances.

Follow these few steps, and make your safety glasses in good condition.